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January 25, 2012


Hello World, it’s Kristine.  Just home from the TNNA winter market in Phoenix, AZ.  What a trip!  Imagine, all your favorite designers plus more you may not be familiar with, all in one place at the same time with all their new canvases on display.  So many things to look at!  What could be better!

The designers had wonderful enticing displays with lots of creatively finished pieces to tempt shop owners.  It’s wonderful to see what a canvas can look like “when it grows up” into it’s final form.  For some who have great vision, we can see what a canvas can be when it is in it’s flat unstitched and unfinished form, but it is exciting to see new ideas for finishing.    It was hard not to want one of everything.  

The great thing about the world of needlepoint is that there is really something for everyone.  There were  tradition florals in great contemporary color palettes,  interesting geometrics in vibrant colors, Christmas & Halloween every way you could ever want it and Owls.  Owls, Owls and more Owls…..funky little owls, big owls with big bold colors, owls on belts, owls on pillows…Owls were definitely a theme with designers this year.

Belts are always popular and I was not disappointed!  Wide belts are making an appearance in the needlepoint world.  These  belts are made to be worn without belt loops.  Lots of fun patterns in beautiful colors and designs to please all.

What would a show be without embellishments.  There were dazzling new beads & sequins and a new tubular mesh embellishment.  And something new to me, a canvas with blinking lights.   The embellishments continue to grow and evolve and offer great ways to bring dimension to your canvas.

New tools came to market as well, or at least new to me.  A thread separator that leaves those who hate to strand no excuse anymore, ordered that one, even though I don’t mind pulling the strands apart – but maybe this will make it easier.   When it arrives, pictures will come.  A tool that cuts ribbon and bonds the end,  so no more fraying, I might learn to love Frosty Rays again.

And last but certainly not least, new threads.  We are so very lucky to be stitching at a time,  with all the threads choices available.  Beautiful silks, overdyes and metallics will all be finding there way to your LNS in the next few weeks and months.  Rainbow expanded it’s line of Petite Silk Lame Braid.  Threadworx has new colors in Vineyard Overdyed Silk and cotton floss, as well as others (they are just my favorites).    And Wiltex has 3 new hot shades of orange that will excite all those Halloween loving stitchers.

Bags and leather were plentiful as well.  Lee has a great iPad cover as well as a kindle cover.  Also from Colonial Needle/Lee is a new rich leather tote, oh so soft, but yet sturdy.  I am clearly a bag girl, who doesn’t love a new bag and one with needlepoint! 

It was great to see the friends I have made and meet some new ones!  Thank you Phoenix!  Will try to post pictures tomorrow -have to download…..til next time – Happy Stitching!