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TNNA’s Baltimore Market


Hi Everyone!

What a wonderful couple of days it has been. The Embassy Suites was a buzz with lots of needlepoint. The atrium style of the hotel made it fun to look up and see the designers’ banners hanging over the rails. What a nice sight that is. Each designer sets up a wonderful little shop in their room for us to indulge ourselves.

What’s it like, think of a mall with nothing but designer needlepoint stores. It’s heavenly! The designers’ rooms allow you to feel like you are shopping in your favorite boutique.

What did I see you all have been asking? Lots and lots and lots of great needlepoint from all the designers. Too many to feature it all here, so I have chosen some of my favorites to share here.

Melissa Shirley had her seaside basket. She has the wonderful Texas basket ready and lots more on the horizon. She has enjoyed the feedback from everyone on all the baskets they would love and everything in them. She has all of her new canvases featured on her website,

Amanda Lawford has pretty new jewelry boxes available! They come in hot pink, torquoise, lime green, red, black, black with a zebra frame as well as black with a cheetah frame. And of course, a new box, means a new canvas size. Some familiar designs as well as some new ones. Also new from Amanda are small bird ornaments with crystal embellishments. A blue jay, cardinal, chickadee and white dove are available. The blue jay came home to nest with me. The boxes and canvases are on her website,


Julia’s Needleworks has new lamps with an area for needlepoint. Wonderfully creative way to find a new place for needlepoint. Some of the canvases available also have matching bookends, think kid room. The lamps are available in black, white and a stained brown. I love these and see an endless potential for canvases. I am seeing a lamp or 2 in my future. I did get the cute frog canvas, he is a happy piece that will find a perfect spot in my breakfast room.




Kelly Clark had a piece that just took your breath away! It was her doodle canvas, and if you have been following her blog, you have seen some peeks at her progress. Seeing it in person was truly spectacular. Her stumpwork and needleweaving techniques are just too cool for words. Kelly also had the next quilt piece available – a Christmas quilt. Kelly has put some of her stumpwork and needleweaving directions into a booklet along with a specially designed canvas to work these techniques. Needless to say, that found it’s way into my bag. Can’t wait to start playing with that!



Barbara Bergsten had her famous Lilly shift dresses and newly licensed sorority items along with new pillow designs. Her colorful canvases can’t help but make you smile and think summer, no matter the time of year. All of Barbara’s designs can be seen on her website,


Raymond Crawford has new holiday stars available! Perfect as ornaments or a 3D tree topper for a small Christmas tree. Seeing the Gingerbread Holiday Train all stitched in person was a thrill. It’s a wonderful set that is stitched beautifully. He also has three new small holiday candles that would be great as small weighted standups. It’s always a treat to see Raymond, he makes me smile and laugh. His new designs are on his website,









Strictly Christmas had great new canvases. You can’t help but love all the holidays when you walk into Karen’s room. New Squatty Santas for football fans with unpainted coats waiting for team colors to be added. A peppermint trimmed Squatty Santa for the candy lovers in your life. New Squatty Santa pillows also caught my eye. Stockings with jacquard borders, both new and old designs. A new angel stocking cuff made its debut. Karen always has a festive room, it is so hard to drag us out of there.






Needle Deeva had the Fab Firs on tour! What a treat to see the festive finishing! Truly cool! Just another club I want to do. As I am sure most of you are aware, the Fab Firs are a new retailers’ club beginning this month with stitch guides written by Vicky De Angelis. The Deeva room also had a great new floral canvas with a soon to be released stitch guide by Robin King. Another little Robin project was lurking in the room – a new skeleton creep. Both found there way into my stash. Be sure to check out the NeedleDeeva website,



The market was a great couple of days that I always look forward to. It’s a time to catch up with friends and make some new ones. Seeing Jo Ippolito Christensen and Suzy Murphy milling around is always a treat. It’s nice to rub elbows with the rock stars occasionally. Lovely ladies, I feel honored to be able to spend a few minutes with.

A wonderful weekend comes to an end. I know this isn’t a comprehensive list of all the goodies at market, but it’s a few of my favorite things. We are blessed to be part of such a talented and creative industry. I can’t wait to start stitching…….