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Some of my favorite books…..


Hi!   Every time a new stitch book comes ,  I love to pour over it and play.  I figured I would share some of my thoughts about some of my go-to books when I am planning a canvas.

Stitch Landscape from Little Shoppe Canvas Company is a favorite of mine.  If you like some of your canvas showing a little, then this is a must have book (or app for your iphone/ipad or itouch).  It is a great book with categories for clouds, flowers, grass, mountains, sand, shubbery, skies, snow, soil, stone, trees and water.  Each section has lots of great stitches, but don’t limit yourself by just sticking with one category for a stitch, lots of the stitches can work for things other than their designated category.   Instead of naming the stitches, they are numbered.  This makes it a little more challenging to find them if you are using the app.  I have both the app and the book, I like to take more projects in my bag when I go away, so I like stitch apps.


I took this book on vacation along with a Kathy Schenkel Lighthouse canvas and decided to play.  I am happy with the results, best of all, the whole piece only took a week – don’t have to stitch every hole!    I used Vineyard overdyed silk for the sky, but decided I liked the look of one of the grass stitches (grass #2)  for the sky.  I have used it many times since in canvases that I have written stitch guides for – it also works if you turn it vertically for a rainy look. 



The grass is done with Vineyard Silk and grass stitch #34 that is a long stitch with a X over it, quite an effective stitch, lots of texture. 

The clouds are my favorite I think.  Using a combination of Silk Lame Braid and Vineyard Silk gave them just a hint of sparkle.  This stitch (cloud #9) would also be great for a large area of snow. 

Trying to create the illusion of roundness on the lighthouse was a challenge – lots of ripping before settling in and finding a stitch that worked – lazy roman.  I hadn’t used that stitch before but found that since I had a large enough area, it works and feels like the lighthouse is rounded.

I was sad when my piece was finished, but lucky me – I have a companion lighthouse from Kathy Schenkel to go with it.  I am looking forward to playing again with different stitches on the next one. 

Until next time, happy stitching!