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What I have been doing!



I have been a bad, but busy lady of late. Bad, because I have not been blogging. I tried to promise myself that I would blog every week….probably a bit ambitious for me at the beginning. Busy because I have been painting and finishing lots of things in time for graduations and the TNNA show in Columbus. Ok, only one piece for a designer in time for TNNA, but hey, I was honored to be asked!

I have been busy painting some fun new geometric designs, originally painted for belts for a customer and then my mind got the best of me and now the ideas for the patterns and uses are flowing.


The red Greek key pattern will be stitched by my customer in navy and a wine color with a circular monogram for her daughter for Christmas. The green lattice pattern is for a navy and green belt with a red circular monogram for her other daughter.

Once I was done painting these belts, my mind started wandering since I liked the designs so much. They are simple classic designs that work in many color combinations – pink/green, orange and hot pink, turquoise and a reef green, black and well, anything. The list is endless. As much as I would like a belt in every color ( working on painting myself a green and white lattice to work on when I go on vacation), I thought the lattice would be great with a circular monogram to fit inside my Lee nylon overnight bag.

Another great idea was the Lee compact mirror or luggage tag. I like these because they are quick and easy projects for gifts that are nice to have for the car or plane. I usually have a belt that lives in my car so when I am caught in carpool line or have arrived too early for pickup after practice, I have something to do. As many of you can probably guess, I don’t do well with idle time.

I have been painting college logos for the luggage tags, which then grew into the canvases for the compact mirrors from Lee. These make wonderful little gifts that are affordable and personal.




I painted and finished a set of bookends for another customer’s grandson who was finishing 8th grade and moving on to high school. She was quite clever with her idea, instead of making 3D weighted stand up bookends, she handed me the inexpensive black metal bookends from staples and asked if I could do something with these. Sure can! She was thrilled and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg.


This blog has been on my to do list for weeks, but every time I think I am catching up, I add a few more projects to the list. I am so very happy that everyone has such nice things to say about my work, it is very gratifying to me. I need to share what I am stitching on, but that is a long list too. But for now, let’s just say I have a few counted pieces, a belt, a couple of Kelly Clark’s trees, her crazy quilt and a few other things in various bags around my chair. I really need to learn how to sleep even less then I already do.

Happy Stitching!